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A heart full of gratitude

Dusting Off My Soul - Dusting Off my Soul Brand Mentoring, Website Design, Brand Services for Irish women in holistic business
Dusting Off My Soul - Dusting Off my Soul Brand Mentoring, Website Design, Brand Services for Irish women in holistic business

Regina Curley Life Coaching

Simone Jones Emotion Coaching for Parents

Barbara McAteer - Josies Botanicals

I have been a holistic therapist for almost thirty years now. I began my business when advertisements in the newspaper and leaflets through the door was the way to go. My clients came from word of mouth recommendations so advertising was something I knew very little about.


Two years ago when lockdown hit, I decided I wanted to change my brand. I had additional training and the page I had wasn't working for me anymore. I spoke to Erin about it and to be honest I had no idea what I was talking about when I said I wanted to change my brand.

That to me meant logo and colours. I had no idea what the brand meant. Yes the logo and colours is only part of it, but what I do, telling my story and capturing the feeling of my work, so other people understand.


Authenticity is my foundation and Erin helped me to look at that and appreciate it. Now I live my brand, I am really proud of it and I thank Erin so much for what she taught me.”

Regina Curley,

“Erin is absolutely wonderful to work with.

She is so passionate and engaging about her work, it’s contagious. Her enthusiasm about my potential business inspired me to develop an idea I didn’t even know existed in me until I worked with her.


Through the process of working with her, I developed a new business, a new adventure I’m so excited about, it keeps me awake at night!

She is so inspirational, motivational and knowledgeable. I feel I have a renewed sense of purpose now. I’m so glad I chose her to support me on my journey. I am full of gratitude and appreciation for her way of working.”

Simone Jones Emotion Coaching For Parents, LinkedIn

"Erin has been helping me and my business for the past year. I have a holistic clinic and a natural skincare business called Josie's Botanicals

Erin has been a godsend, especially when my business was very busy. She helped ease the pressure for me with her calm efficiency, ability to see what needs to be done, and work off her own initiative to get things organised and cleared.  She restructured my workspace and created the most beautiful and effective social media reels and posts for my brand. She helped create so much structure and organised everything within my work space to enable me to ease, much more efficiently.

Her timekeeping is excellent, and her work ethic and manner impeccable. Such a gorgeous person and lovely positive energy to have around.

Wishing you Erin so much joy and success, you so deserve it.

Many thanks for everything."

Barbara McAteer, founder of Josie's Botanicals

Wellness Ur Way

"Erin is an amazing human being but also amazing at her job. I feel so lucky to have met her and our business Wellness Ur Way has thrived under her stewardship. My amazing friend and business partner Nicola Shannon and I feel like she has brought such clarity, creativity and care to our business. So grateful to Erin."

Dr. Fiona Macken, co-founder of Wellness Ur Way

"Cannot recommend Erin enough, she has transformed our brand!"

Nicola Shannon, co-founder of Wellness Ur Way

Free To Be Me - Self Empowerment with Mary Murphy

Erin was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to design my logo.  I felt Erin really got me and understood the brief. 


Her ideas were great and I couldn't have been happier with the end result.  My business is in  personal development and I though Erin had a real understanding of the energy I wanted to create with the logo.  I was very happy with the result and decided to have Erin build my website which we are currently working on. 


Erin is so  patient, very approachable and nothing is  too much trouble. Erin really listens which was really important for me as I did feel challanged at the thoughts of the whole porcess.  Her apporach is very warn hearted, kind, energetic and professional. Her motto is the process should be  " a pleasure rather than pressure". She has been able to create a product that I feel really represents me and I am very proud of what we are creating together.  I would highly recommend Erin.

Mary Murphy,

Shanagarry Reflexology - Issy Giltinan Crowley

I worked with Erin to create a website and branding for a small business to promote what I do and love best “Reflexology”


Erin was so kind and patient, supportive and inspiring I enjoyed the synchronous moments we had when it came to the work.


Erin created the most beautiful space for me  using her gifts and talents, to share with the world my own gifts and talents. 

Erin truly uses her personality to serve the energy of her soul.


Erin brought my vision and my idea to life by creating the most beautiful branding, talking colours and personal likes and dislikes to create my vision, she showed great enthusiasm for my work and how I do what I do.


Erin created for me a logo that was so full of symbolism that is very much personal and important to me. 

My business branding becoming another aspect of who I am and Erin the driving force and creator of this. 


Reflexology is so much a part of my DNA setting up this business for me was so very personal to me. I had stepped away from my therapies for a little while but i always knew that I would come back to it. I work with my whole heart and Erin also does this.


When I dragged my feet a little at times when inspiration evaded me, when I found it difficult and critical to write about myself and what I do, Erin literally caught me by the hand and reassured me that it would all work and all would be well.


Erin created for me a space that is basically even better than I had imagined .

Erin understands the holistic business without this understanding I feel the soul of my branding and logo would not have been embedded in my business. Erin helped with the instagram which is something I would find quite difficult and still do. I am truly grateful for this help. 

There is a definition of connection, worded by Brene Brown that goes like this:

“Connection is the energy created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued, when they can give and receive without judgement.

I believe when you are creating something this meaningful to you and your business connection is probably the most important factor.

When I think of this definition I think of Erin.

I hope you use Erin to create your business and so that you too can see and use her magic to create your vision with her whole heart.. and yours.

Thank you Erin. 

Issy Giltinan Crowley,

Stuart Breen - Author

As the co author of the very well received series of books “How To Be Your Best Self” published by Beehive Books and available in all major book retail outlets I’m truly delighted with the work Erin from ”Dusting Off My Soul“ has done in designing  “The tails of Éisteoir“ a children’s book I wrote and which my 12y ear old son Finn illustrated. 


We’re hugely grateful for her guidance, input and support which have helped us realise our vision for the book. 


Without her this book wouldn’t be the finished, polished work that it is, and I believe it to be on par with anything else that I have had published. I can’t recommend Erin enough and look forward to future collaborations.


Stuart Breen, The Tails of Éisteoir,

Glasnevin Doggy Day Care - Aoife

It was such a relief and support to have Erin talk me through and support me to develop my brand. I was so unsure and out of my depth with the online side of my business. Erin made it all easy. She inspired me. Her passion is contagious she made me believe I could do it! I would highly recommend Erin’s support and services for anyone with a new business idea or a business owner who needs social media and website support.

Aoife (@glasnevin_doggy_day_care) 

Body & Sole Reflexology & Massage - Margaret Hennessy

I just had a wonderful ‘Brand mentoring zoom call’ with Erin. Erin was so generous with her guidance & teaching, helping me to make the world of social media for my business a lot easier. And giving great advice along the way. I would highly recommend working with Erin if you need help getting yourself out there in a put together way ️ ️ ️ ️ ️

Margaret Hennessy, Body & Soul Reflexology & Massage,

Ivory Therapies - Niamh Ivory

Finding Erin was the best thing that happened to my business so far!

Having a website created was so far out of my comfort zone, it was very daunting.

Erin has been a tower of strength & patience guiding me through the process and her knowledge and suggestions have been invaluable. I never once felt rushed or hassled to provide the information required to develop the website and I was always reassured that if I wasn't happy with something, that it was easily changed! This level of commitment from Erin was very comforting to know that the website was being developed the exact way I wanted it to be, even if I wasn't sure what direction it should be going! Erin's advice and steering was extremely constructive and most advantageous!

I loved working with Erin's warm and bubbly energy and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who was looking for creative input into their business.

Thank you so much Erin!

Niamh Ivory, Ivory Therapies,

D6 Wellness - Eimear

Thanks Erin from Dusting Off My Soul for providing a comprehensive overview of my proposed branding strategy. You were enlightening, providing detailed guidance on all aspects of the proposed strategy.  You broke down the process into easy manageable steps affording me a comprehensive list of resources to get going on updating my brand image and marketing. 


Your guidance and insights will stay with me as I navigate and promote my business to a wider audience in 2024.

Eimear, D6 Wellness,

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