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Brand Mentoring

"I already have a brand!"


I have heard that so many times - when in reality what you have is a logo...and that's a great starting point - but your brand is SO much more than that.


It is SO more valuable to your business than that!

Your logo is tangible, your brand has a whole lot more layers, tangible & intangible to it. I use my 4 stage layering branding process to help you create a brand that brings your business dream to life.


Who do I brand mentor?

If you have your logo & don' t know what to do next - I'm here!

If you think you have your brand ready & don' know what to do next - I'm here!

If you need someone to help you troubleshoot your teething problems - I'm here!

If being honest you have no idea what a brand really is - I'm here!

If your a female-led small to medium business, if you are in the Holistic World, if you want to work with passion & not pressure then you are my dream client!

What I offer as a brand mentor?

I offer clarity & direction & support.

I will ignite in you a passion for your brand.


I then support you in igniting that same passion for your brand in your clients.

Why do you need a brand mentor?

Starting your business can be challenging enough without having to cover all of the bases required - while still finding your feet as a business owner.


It is so easy to become bogged down in all the details needed behind the scenes as well as actually providing the product or service & surely that was your dream in the first place! 

When everything is swimming round & round in your head I use my expertise & my experience to guide you through it step by step.


Will I push you out of your comfort zone - I'm not going to lie yes I no doubt will!

BUT I promise you I will be holding your hand & having your back throughout it!

Will I help you find your brand mo-jo & get your business moving - yes I will!

I will light a virtual firecracker under you & ensure my passion for your brand becomes contagious to both you & your clients!

I can support & empower you to create, develop & implement a brand strategy to enable brand differentiation & deliver results.

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