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Branding Services

Sometimes mentoring can't make up for a lack of time or a particular skill set needed


This is where branding services comes in - I've got you!

  • linkedin dusting off my soul brand mentoring and brand consultant website creation publicatioin desi
  • Facebook dusting off my soul brand mentoring brand consultant specialising in start ups and holistic
  • Instagram Dusting off my soul brand mentor branding consultant web design publication design special

I can teach you how to effectively utilise your brand or I can simply do it for you! The choice is yours!

I work with clients in a range of capacities & a range of pricing options.

Some just need one off mentoring calls to ground & focus them.


Some need additional mentoring calls to support them in implementing their brand strategy

- I am here to hold your hand as you move out of your comfort zone.


Some clients need me to take the lead & implement it for them.

Whichever service you need I am here!

From content creation, post scheduling, newsletter creation & comprehensive email campaigns to stationary design  & publications & book design I can support you or action it all for you - whichever meets your exact needs.

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