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Case Study : The Tales of Eisteoir

Empowering Dreams: A Children's Book Author & Illustrator's Journey to Self-Publishing Success

And so the story begins...

When we think of the magical world of children's books, we often picture vibrant illustrations dancing off the page, bringing tales of wonder to life. For an already-established writer, the journey of creating a children's book often requires a team of professionals at a publishing house. But what happens when they decide to walk the path of self-publishing? Enter the role of the children's book editor and designer: the unsung hero that turns a mere idea into a tangible masterpiece.


The Challenge


The writer, with their track record of published works, was no stranger to the world of literature. This time, however, they wanted to bring an even more personal touch to their new project. With rough hand sketches drawn by their own son on a pad and a heartwarming story penned down on simple A4 papers, the vision was clear but the path to realisation was not.


Navigating the vast realm of self-publishing can often be daunting, especially when you're used to the structured environment of publishing houses. The writer knew the story they wanted to tell, and how the book needed to stary true to his child's pencil drawings but how could they make sure it was presented in the best possible light?

The Solution

This is where my expertise as a children's book editor and designer came into play. Having worked with several clients on self-publishing ventures, I knew the intricacies of the journey. The writer entrusted me with full creative responsibility, a challenge I welcomed with open arms.


Beginning with the rough sketches, I collaborated closely with the writer, understanding their vision and the emotions they wanted to convey. Using these sketches as a foundation, I embarked on a creative endeavor to transform them into rich, engaging illustrated book. Every additional element used, every choice of color palette, was made keeping the essence of the original sketches alive, ensuring that the young artist's spirit was preserved in the final product.


Additionally, I provided took on full responsibility for the layout and typography of the story, ensuring that the text and illustrations complemented each other seamlessly. My goal was not just to create a book, but to craft an experience; an immersive world that young readers would get lost in and ultimately inspired by.


The Results


The end product was nothing short of a masterpiece. The heartfelt story, combined with the rejuvenated illustrations, resonated with readers of all ages. Without the constraints of a traditional publishing house, the book was able to maintain its genuine, personal touch. and stay true to the vision of the author and his young illustrator son.

Not only was the book aesthetically captivating, but its distribution via the writer's own channels alongside Amazon Kindle, ensured a wider reach. It began selling widely, proving that with passion, dedication, and the right guidance, self-publishing can indeed be a rewarding venture.

For many holistic small businesses with dreams of self-publishing, the journey might seem intimidating. They might be brimming with ideas, stories, and even rough sketches, but the challenge lies in turning these raw materials into a polished book. This case study serves as a testament to the power of creative collaboration. With the right children's book editor and designer by your side, your vision can come to life in ways you never imagined.

The world of self-publishing is vast and filled with possibilities. Every writer has a unique story to tell, and with the right guidance, their tales can find their way into the hearts and minds of readers across the globe. As a children's book designer, I am honored to be a part of this transformative journey, empowering dreams one page at a time. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a budding author, remember that with passion, creativity, and the right partnership, the sky is the limit.

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